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1. 名称 第 7回アジア若手工学者会議 
The Seventh Asian Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference (7AYGEC)
2. 主催  公益社団法人 地盤工学会
3. 共催 国際地盤工学会 (ISSMGE) 
4. 会期 平成 24年 9月 12日(水)~14日(金) 
5. 会場 徳島大学工学部工業会館
〒770-8506 徳島市南常三島町 2-1 徳島大学工学部内 
6. 参加者数 国内(29名),海外36名(16ヶ国) 
7. 内容  研究発表(発表論文数 34編),基調講演( 2題),ソイルタワーコンテスト,
8. 組織 実行委員会( 16名): 渦岡良介(徳島大学,実行委員長),岡村未対(愛媛大学,副委員長),その他,四国の研究者・技術者14名.
学術委員会( 11名):渡部要一(港湾空港技術研究所,地盤工学会国際部部長),その他,国際部委員10名.
国際諮問委員会( 8名):Askar ZhussupbekovEurasian National University,国際地盤工学会副会長),末岡徹(大林建設()技術センター,地盤工学会会長),その他,過去の開催国の地盤工学会会長など6名.


The Seventh Asian Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference (7AYGEC) was successfully closed. We have 34 young participants nominated by 16 societies of Albania, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Moreover 31 geotechnical engineers and researchers participated in the conference. We had 7 technical sessions of Soil Property and Laboratory Test, Soil Property and Modeling, Embankment and Dam, Landslide, Foundation and Underground Structure, Earthquake and Environment, and Soil Improvement. Moreover, three invited lectures by enthusiastic professional geotechnical engineers and academics were also presented.

One Best Paper Award was given with due recommendations from the Scientific Committee to the best paper presented in the conference. In addition, one Best Presentation Award and one Best Student Award were given with due recommendations from the Local Organizing Committee to the selected presenters. The awards were presented at the conference banquet as follows.

Best Paper Award: Dr. Kuo-Hsin YANG, Taiwan

Best Presentation Award: Dr. Kazunori FUJISAWA, Japan

Best Student Award: Ms. Manika MAHARJAN, Nepal

We would like to thank the Scientific Committee and the International Advisory Committee for their great contributions in making this conference a success. We would particularly like to thank Prof. Askar Zhussupbekov, the Vice President of ISSMGE for Asia and Dr. Yoichi Watabe, the Secretary of JGS for their dedicated efforts to planning and organizing this conference. We also sincerely acknowledge the financial sponsorship received from various government institutions, private firms, and individuals. Our sincere appreciations are also due to all the national societies that have nominated their delegates, to the nominees who have submitted their papers and are going to participate in the conference, to the reviewers who have strictly reviewed and rated the submitted papers, to the senior participants who are going to chair the technical sessions, and to the authors of invited lectures for their special contributions to the conference. Finally, we are grateful to all members of the Local Organizing Committee and the assistants for their hard work to make this conference a reality.

We hope your success and good health in the future. We are looking forward to seeing you somewhere in the world.

Ryosuke Uzuoka

Chair of Local Organizing Committee of the 7AYGEC

Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

The University of Tokushima