11th Asian Regional Conference of IAEG on Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management

11th Asian Regional Conference of IAEG
Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management
28–30 November 2017
Kathmandu, Nepal
Third Circular
(Release on 2017/05/27)

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG

November 28‐30, 2017

"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
Engineering geology and geodisaster management are intimately linked with each other and it is a challenge
to develop infrastructures without adversely impacting surrounding environment. The circumstances become
even more complex if the region is frequented by large earthquakes, floods, debris flows, and landslides.
Climate change, land use alterations, population growth, mass migration, and urbanisation are some of the
pertinent issues to be dealt with by the engineering geologists of the twenty-first century.
Nepal is resplendently located at the heart of the 2400 km-long Himalayan arc and the country can be defined
as the natural museum of every kind of geodisaster. In this regard, the Mw 7.8 Gorkha Earthquake of 25
April 2015 is the latest example. The tremor hit central Nepal and brought about 9000 deaths and many
thousands of injuries. The total economic loss by the quake exceeded US$ 6 billion. It is estimated that the
reconstruction and recovery phase will last for more than 5 years. Now, Nepal is in the reconstruction phase
and many engineering geological issues are not discussed well among the practitioners and researchers. It
was noticed that bridging between practitioners and researchers for engineering geological evaluation is
arduous and reconstruction activities have already started without proper understanding of engineering
geological settings of the terrain.
The Nepal Geological Society was founded in 1980, and since then it has organised various national and
international workshops, symposia, and conferences. It conducts geological congress regularly and the recent
one was the Eighth Nepal Geological Congress held during 27-29 November 2016 in Kathmandu. The
Society has also successfully conducted the Himalaya–Karakoram–Tibet Workshops.
For last 50 years, the International Association for Engineering Geology and Environment (IAEG) has been
bringing together all engineering geological professionals and researchers into a single forum through
various regional and international conferences. Such congregations are serving excellently not only to
enhance the skills and knowledge of engineering geology, but to promote as well many national groups
around the globe. The Nepal Geological Society also has a long history of affiliation with the IAEG and is
assisting it by conducting various conferences and meetings, including the IAEG international symposium
in 1999 and IAEG conference in 2005. The 1999 and 2005 events were attended by 419 and 209 geoscientists
from 34 and 22 countries, respectively.
With the above background of successfully conducting many national and international gatherings, the Nepal
Geological Society, along with its partner organisations in Nepal, is going to organise the Eleventh IAEG
Asian Regional Conference (ARC-11) in Kathmandu, Nepal, on 28–30 November 2017. Apart from the
conference, there will be five field excursions in various parts of the country to give first-hand information
to the delegates of the engineering geological challenges in the Himalayan region.
Though such international meetings have been instrumental to the advancement of engineering geology in
Asia, geoscientists and engineers around the globe have contributed and also benefited from such Asian
Regional Conferences of IAEG. Hence, we are confident that the forthcoming event is going to be yet another
building block to enhance the geo-engineering knowledge and to understand further the engineering geology
in this part of the globe. This is the third time that an IAEG conference is going to be held in Nepal - a
popular destination for geo-scientists and tourists. The conference will be an opportunity to all geoscientists
and engineers for congenial discussions and sharing of new research findings in the field of engineering
geology and geodisasters.

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
After the circulation of the First Circular on ARC-11, the Nepal Geological Society has received an
overwhelming response from geoscientists around the globe. Hence, this event will certainly be another
milestone in the history of Asian Regional Conference.
The IAEG ARC-11 will take place in Kathmandu, an important historic city and the capital of Nepal. With
an estimated population of about four million, Kathmandu is the largest metropolis in Nepal. Lalitpur and
Bhaktapur are neighbouring cities of Kathmandu, and all of them are located within the Kathmandu Valley.
The Kathmandu Valley has historically important cultural monuments that attract millions of international
and domestic tourists every year. At an average altitude of 1300 m, the Kathmandu Valley is filled up with
ancient lake sediments that at their deepest point are about 550 m thick. All the major events of IAEG ARC-
11 will be held in Kathmandu, while the field excursions will be held in various parts of the Nepal.
Conference format
Following the past formats of the IAEG ARC, thematic oral and poster sessions have been planned within a
single venue. Parallel sessions will be provided for various sub-themes in order to provide all participants
an opportunity to present from all presentations.
Conference excursions
To provide an opportunity particularly to all international participants, the conference program has been
planned to include four field programs as follows.
Pre‐conference tour
Ex-1: A full day historical monument and geomorphological tour of Kathmandu Valley.
2017/11/27, 8:00 AM – Departure from Hotel
2017/11/27, 9:00 AM – Arrival at Changunarayan Hills, Observation of Geomorphological settings
of The Chagunarayan Hill and Kathmandu valley.
2017/11/27, 11:00 AM - Arrival at Bhaktapur City. Observation of ongoing earthquake
reconstruction works in heritage site. Evaluation of Nyatapol Temple which was survived in the
2015 Gorkha Earthquake.
2017/11/27, 12:00 AM - Typical Nepali style lunch at Bhaktapur Darbar Square area.
2017/11/27, 2:15 PM – Arrival at Swayambhu Hill. Observation of earthquake reconstruction
works and effects of creep landslide in and around Swayambhu Hill. Evaluation of engineering
geological settings of World Heritage site.
2017/11/27, 4:00 PM – Arrival at Pashupatinath Temple, observation of Hindu temple and
cremation culture of Hindu. Observation of creep landslide problems in the temple area. Discussion
on engineering geology of the Pashupati Temple area which was survived in the 2015 Gorkha

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
2017/11/27, 6:30 PM – Arrival at Hotel Yak and Yeti.
Excursion coordinator: Dr. Ananta Gajurel
Excursion Fee: US$85.00
(*includes all entrance fee, transportation and lunch. Minimum number of participants required for
this tour is 12 persons)
Kathmandu - city of temples and World Heritages
Kathmandu City World Heritage site, Kathmandu city
Post‐conference excursions
Ex-2: Kathmandu-Pokhara roadside slope protection work and Pokhara Valley tour (three-day)
Excursion two (Ex-2) is basically a field excursion tour on the first day and partly on second day.
Kathmandu-Pokhara roadway is about 200 km, but in Nepal it takes about six hours to travel this
distance at an average speed of 40 km/h. So, on the first day, we will see a few landslide sites on
the way to Pokhara, and on the second day, we will go to an area in Pokhara valley and observe
geology of the Pokhara valley. In Pokhara, especially in the morning time, we can see marvelous
panoramic view of the Annapurna Range of the Himalaya, and also take a pleasure flight on an
ultralight plane for 30 minutes to one hour. You may stay longer in Pokhara if you wish, but you
will have to notify us of your plan so that we can book your return air ticket to Kathmandu
appropriately. The schedule basically is as follows.

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
Day 1
2017/12/01, 08:00 AM: Depart from the symposium venue hotel (Hotel Yak & Yeti), we will see
few landslide sites in a stretch of about 60 km, after about 40 km west of Kathmandu
2017/12/01, 1:00 PM: Lunch (Riverside Spring Resort, Kurintar, about 90 km from Kathmandu)
2017/12/01, 2:00 PM: Head towards Pokhara and observations of few sites of mitigation
2017/12/01, 5:30 PM: Arrive at Pokhara, Hotel at lakeside, free time at evening.
Day 2
2017/12/02, 7:00AM to 09:00 AM: Free time and breakfast in the Hotel.
2017/12/02, 09:30 AM Depart to observe engineering geology of Pokhara valley; in and around
Pokhara valley. Four to six sites will be visited. Nepali Style Lunch will be served at
nearby restaurant.
2017/12/02, 05:30 AM Arrival back to Hotel and free time.
Day 3
2017/12/03, 6:00 AM Arrival at World Peace Pagoda and observation of Annapurna Range
2017/12/03, 8:00 AM Arrival at Hotel and breakfast
2017/12/03, 10:00 AM onwards, return by road in same bus and drop in Hotel Yak and Yeti or
return by air to Kathmandu (optional, need extra US$ 122.00)
Excursion coordinator: Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal
Supporting Colleague: Roshan Raj Bhattarai
Excursion Fee: US$320
(*includes all entrance fee, transportation, 2-night hotel accommodation, 3 breakfasts and 2
lunches. Minimum number of participants required for this tour is 12 persons)
Please note: The fee does not include airfare from Pokhara to Kathmandu & dinner. Extra cost for
airfare from Pokhara to Kathmandu is US$ 122.00 for foreign participants. Participants
can contact official travel agents for detail of booking of air tickets from Pokhara to

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
Pokhara - city of lakes and mountains
Ex-3: The 2015 Gorkha Earthquake Epicentre area visit (two-day)
Two days long excursion is planned to observe damages and recovery in the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake
Epicentre area.
Day 1
2017/12/01, 08:00 AM: Depart from the conference venue hotel (Hotel Yak & Yeti)
2017/12/01, 11:30 PM: Lunch at Gorkha
2017/12/01, 5:00 PM: Arrival at Barpak village and stay at local hotels
Day 2
2017/12/02, 7:00 AM: Free time for morning walk and tour of village. Observation of reconstruction works.
2017/12/02, 09:30 AM to 2:30 PM: Observation of earthquake induced landslides and damages in and
around Barpak. Few sites will be observed. Nepali style lunch will be served at nearby
2017/12/02, 09:00 PM Arrival back to Hotel Yak and Yeti Hotel, Kathmandu.
Excursion coordinator: Dr. Danda Pani Adhikari
Supporting Colleagues: Mr. Mukunda Poudel
Excursion Fee: US$275.00
(*includes all entrance fee, transportation, 1 night hotel accommodation, 1 breakfast, 1 dinner and
2 lunches, Minimum number of participants required for this tour is 8 persons and only 30 seats

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
Ex-4: Arniko Highway – China Border and observation of landslides, floods and slope protection
works (two-day)
Excursion four (Ex-4) is two-day tour to China Border at north-east of Kathmandu. This excursion will give
an excellent chance to observe low-cost road side slope mitigation works, earthquake induced landslide,
recent landslide dam, earthquake damaged towns, Nepal-China Border, tunnelling works in Nepalese
hydropower projects and rock fall mitigation works. The excursion team will stay at typical resort situated
at left bank of the Bhotekoshi River. The resort has bungee jumping facility also for those who want
adventurous trip in the Himalayan river valley.
Day 1
2017/12/01, 8:00 AM: Depart from the conference venue hotel (Hotel Yak & Yeti)
2017/12/01, 9:30 AM: Arrival at Dhulikhel, Khawa and observation of road side slope protection work in a
landslide zone.
2017/12/01, 11:00 AM: Arrive at the Jure landslide area and spend some 1.5 hours in observational survey.
2017/12/01, 12:30 PM: Lunch time and it will be served in packets.
2017/12/01, 2:30 PM: Arrival at Middle Bhotekoshi Hydropower Project and Observation of tunnel and
powerhouse sites
2017/12/01, 5:30 Arrive at The Last Resort, night stay in tents.
Day 2
2017/12/02, 9:00 Arrival at Friendship Bridge of Nepal-China Border
2017/12/02, 10:00 to 11:30 AM: Observation of earthquake and flash flood related damages.
2017/12/02, 12:00 AM: Arrival at Upper Bhotekoshi Hydropower Project and observation of Rockfall
protection works.
2017/12/02, 1:00 PM: Lunch at The Last Resort.
2017/12/02, 4:00 PM: Arrival at Dhulikhel Resort and Observation of Midland topography and Himalaya
2017/12/02, 7:00 PM: Arrive back at Hotel Yak & Yeti
Excursion coordinator: Mr. Lila Nath Rimal
Supporting Colleague: Dr. Manita Timilsina
Excursion Fee: US$250.00
(*includes all entrance fees, transportation, 1 night resort accommodation in shared tent, 1 breakfast, 1
dinner, 2 lunches, Minimum number of participants required for this tour is 12 persons)

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
Ex-5: Japan Society of Engineering Geology (JSEG) Special Excursion (three days) - Gorkha and
Pokhara Area including Kathmandu-Pokhara roadside slope mitigation
Japan Society of Engineering Geology (JSEG) is organizing a special excursion and it is excursion five (Ex-
5). This excursion is planned as per the special arrangement of JSEG and the organizing committee of ARC-
11 is very happy to support JSEG to manage the excursion.
This excursion will be operated both English and Japanese and all participants are welcomed to participate.
This excursion includes merged programs of Ex-3 and Ex-4.
Day 1
2017/12/01, 7:30: Departure from the conference venue hotel (Hotel Yak & Yeti).
2017/12/01, 8:30: Stop 1 (Nagdhunga): Observation of topography and geology of Naubise –Thankot
Road tunnel alignment
2017/12/01, 9:30: Stop 2 (Dharke): Huge debris flow in 1993.
2017/12/01, 11:30: Stop 3 (Krishnabhir): Relation between rainfall induced landslide and large-scale deep
seated landslide.
2017/12/01, 12:00: Stop 5: Lunch at River Side Spring Resort
2017/12/01, 14:30 Stop 6: (Gorkha Palace) Damage caused by the 2016 Gorkha Earthquake and
reconstruction works.
2017/12/01, 18:30: Arrival at hotel in Pokhara
2017/12/01, 19:00-21:00 Dinner
Day 2
2017/12/02, 6:00: Departure from Hotel
2017/12/02, 6:30-7:30; Stop 7 (World Peace Pagoda) Pokhara Valley and Annapurna Range
2017/12/02, 8:00-9:00 Breakfast at hotel.
2017/12/02, 9:00: Departure from hotel.
2017/12/02, 9:30-11:30 Stop 8: To Kharapani and hot water spring
2017/12/02, 12:00-12:30 Stop 10: Armala area to observe sink hole problems
2017/12/02, 13:00: Lunch at Japanese Restaurant, Lake side, Pokhara.
2017/12/02, 14:00: Optional for those who has flight on December 3 noon: return by air to Kathmandu.
2017/12/02, 14:30 Stop 12: Davis fall and Gupteswor area
2017/12/02, 16:30 Arrival at hotel and free time

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
2017/12/02, 19:00-21:00 Dinner at Lakeside
Day 3
2017/12/03, 8:00 Departure from hotel
2017/12/03, 9:00-12:00 Morning flight from Pokhara to KTM (optional, need extra US$ 122.00)
2017/12/03, 14:00 Arrive back at Hotel Yak & Yeti and free time for shopping or participant can catch
their flights back to their countries.
Excursion coordinator: Prof. Dr. Shuichi Hasegawa
Supporting colleagues: Mr. Om Pradhan
Excursion Fee: US$340.00
(*includes all entrance fees, transportation, 2-night hotel accommodation, 3 breakfasts, 2
lunches. Minimum number of participants required for this tour is 12 persons).
Please note: The fee does not include airfare from Pokhara to Kathmandu & dinner. Extra cost for
airfare from Pokhara to Kathmandu is US$ 122.00 for foreign participants. Participants can
contact official travel agents for detail of booking of air tickets from Pokhara to Kathmandu.
Important dates
15 January 2017: Conference 2nd circular releases and abstract submission (online submission) starts
15 Mar 2017: Conference 3rd circular releases and Conference “Early Bird” registrations starts
15 July 2017: An “Early Bird” registration closes and discounted registration process starts
15 Aug 2017: 'Discounted' registrations close and standard registrations open with release of 4th circular
30 Sept 2017: Abstract submission deadline
15 Oct 2017: Field excursion booking closes
15 Nov 2017: Conference final program and standard online registration closes
27 Nov 2017: Conference on site registration (only cash payment) starts

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
Conference Plan
The ARC-11 is going to be a special event for IAEG. In this conference, executive and council meetings of
IAEG will be held in Kathmandu before the main events. There will be Hans Cloos Lectures of IAEG also
in the first day of ARC-11. There will be four parallel technical sessions as per the expected number of
submitted abstracts.
Special Programs
Soil and rock logging course
The Conference organizers are planning to hold a one day course on Soil and Rock Logging. The course
will aim to educate geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists, and other relevant professionals in the
fundamental principles involved in logging and/or interpreting soil and rock logs in accordance with National
and International Standards for soil and rock description.
The course consists of a series of presentations from an experienced Engineering Geologist, Dr Fred Baynes
from Australia, followed by a hands‐on practical session where course participants will work in small groups
to log a range of real soil samples and rock cores under the guidance and instruction of experienced industry
professionals. Upon completion of the logging exercises, the work of the participants will be reviewed in a
group forum and the details that may be observed in each sample will be described and discussed.
Venue and participation procedure will be announced later. If you are interested to the course, please write
email to rkdahal@gmail.com.

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
Special Lectures
The organizing committee has requested to Prof. Dr. Martin Culshaw for a special short course on “How to
write scientific paper?” during the conference. We feel very honored that he has agreed on our request. He
will deliver max 1 h lecture on the topic followed by Q and A session of 30 min. This course will be
conducted during the conference on September 29. The venue hall and time for the course will be announced
Online Registration and Registration fee
All interested participants are requested to fill registration form available in the conference website
(www.iaegarc11ngs.com). The early bird registration fee payment will be started from 15 March 2017.
Registration fee will cover conference kits (bag, abstract volume, program booklet, and stationery), a
reception dinner, conference lunches, and tea/coffee during the session break. It does not cover the cost of
other dinners and hotel accommodations.
The details of registration fee are given below. Field excursion fees will be provided after 15 March 2016.
The Conference organising committee is planning for online payment and bank transfer system. Detail
platform will be provided later.
March 15 - June
15, 2017, "Early
June 16 -
August 15, 2017
After August 15,
Foreign participants US$ 450 US $ 500 US$ 550
Accompanying persons of foreign
participants US$ 250 US $ 300 US$ 350
Foreign students US$ 225 US $ 250 US$ 275
Participants from SAARC nations US$ 250 US $ 300 US$ 350
Accompanying persons
of participants from SAARC nations US$ 175 US $ 200 US $ 225
Students from SAARC nations US$ 125 US$ 150 US$ 175
Participations from international
organisations based in Nepal US$ 250 US$ 300 US$ 350

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
Registration fee payment
All interested participant can pay registration fee by Bank Transfer at this moment. Nepal Geological Society
is working for possible Online Payment of fee. We are trying to have some best way for this. At this
movement, please use Bank Transfer system.
Bank Transfer detail for Payment:
Account name: Nepal Geological Society
Account Type: CURRENT
Account No: 0203217500574
Bank Name and Address: Nabil Bank Limited, Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal
Please send email to rkdahal@gmail.com and manyaj1@yahoo.com for Invoice.
After the bank transfer, do not forget to send scan copy of bank transfer slip to rkdahal@gmail.com and
Excursion fees:
Ex-1: Around Kathmandu Valley – US$ 85.00
Ex-2: Kathmandu-Pokhara - US$ 320.00
Ex-3: The 2015 Gorkha Earthquake Epicentre - US$ 275.00
Ex-4: Arniko Highway –China Border - US$ 250.00
Ex-5: Japan Society of Engineering Geology (JSEG) Special Excursion - US$ 340.00
Online Payment
Nepal Geological Society is preparing online payment system and it is expected that we will have it from
July 2nd week. If you wish to book provision for early bird registration fee, you can fill the early bird
registration form online. You are requested to visit this link for your early bird fee confirmation:
http://iaegarc11ngs.com/birdregistration. Later you will be asked to pay your early bird registration fee
through our online payment platform.
Invitation Letters
The Conference secretariat will be very happy to send Invitation letter if you need for your official use and
VISA application. Please send email to rkdahal@gmail.com for Invitation Letter.

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
Conference theme and sub‐themes
The main conference theme is “Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management” and sub-themes include:
1. Engineering geology of landslides
1.1 Landslides, Debris flows, and Rock fall
1.2 Landslide hazard and risk evaluation
1.3 Landslide risk reduction
1.4 Slope stability
1.5 Landslide dams and their management
1.6 Landslide Dam Outburst Flood (LDOF)
1.7 Urbanisation on mountain slopes
1.8 Rainfall-induced landslides
1.9 Earthquake-induced landslides
1.10 Anthropogenic landslides
1.11 Landslide dating
1.12 Large-scale landslides and old landslide topography
2. Neotectonics
2.1 Active faults and associated earthquakes
2.2 Himalayan tectonics
2.3 Crustal dynamics and recent earthquake sources
3. Geohazards in Asia
3.1 Flood hazards
3.2 Volcanic hazards
3.3 Tsunami hazards
4. Engineering geology in sustainable development and urban planning
5. Foundation, underground geology, groundwater
6. Tunnelling and related geodisaster management

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
7. New technology
7.1 Remote Sensing and Geodesy for geohazard management
7.2 New technology and equipment for geohazards management
8. 2015 Gorkha Earthquake
8.1 Earthquake mechanism and tectonics
8.2 Engineering geological consequences
8.3 Damage assessment
8.4 Earthquake-induced landslide
8.6 Seismic hazard and low cost design for earthquake safe buildings
8.7 Ground response
8.8 Rescue, relief and reconstruction
9. Climate modelling for geohazard assessment
10. Marine engineering geology and related geohazards
11. Engineering geology of mines and quarry sites
12. Geoethics in engineering geology and geodisaster information
13. Prevention of geodisaster sites and geopark management
14. Relationship between slope instabilities and road or railway
15. Land subsidence in coastal and inland areas
16. Engineering geology for disaster risk reduction
17. Response and reaction of earth materials to natural phenomena
18. Integrated engineering geology in infrastructural development for stability and sustainability
19. Case studies for geohazard management
20. Rock fall hazard and its mitigation
20.1 Rock fall hazard and its evaluation
20.2 Rock fall protection systems and their performance
20.3 High altitude rock slope failures
20.4 Rock fall hazards on road side slopes and hydropower projects

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
21. University courses on engineering geology
22. Other geohazards and hazard management
22.1 Snow Avalanche
22.2 Flood hazard management
22.3 Glacial lake outburst
22.4 Dating of geohazards
23. Others – related to engineering geology and geodisaster management
Abstract submission
All interested participants are requested to fill the registration form. For registration, if you wish to
participate with a presentation, please prepare abstract as per the template provided. For abstract, MsWord
template is available here. Each participant can submit maximum two presentations in the ARC-11.
Abstracts of only those authors or presenters who have already paid their registration fee within the deadline
will be published in the abstract volume of the Journal of Nepal Geological Society, which will be distributed
to all the registered participants during the conference. Interested participants can submit full paper after the
conference for peer review. Full paper submission date is January 31, 2018. All peer reviewed full papers
will be published in the Journal of Nepal Geological Society and will be published on 1 April 2018.
Climate in Kathmandu at the end of November is pleasant. Mornings and evenings are often cold, but the
day time is pleasantly warm. It is advised that the participants bring warm clothes.
Passport and Visa Requirement
All the foreign participants are advised to contact the Nepalese Embassy or Consulate in their respective
countries to get visa for entering into Nepal. They must have valid passport and Visa to enter into Nepal.
Visa can also be obtained in the Tribhuvan International Airport (Kathmandu) on arrival. For those of you
planning to acquire a visa upon arrival at the airport, please bring with you one passport-sized photographs
and US$ 25 cash for the visa fee. Gratis Visa is available for SAARC nationals visiting Nepal since 2014.
We request you to claim Gratis Visa if it is applicable to you.
For the visa application, the following information and items are necessary.
 Passport valid at least for six months
 A pp-size photograph
 Visa application fee of 25 US dollars (for 15 days)
 Permanent residence address
 Address while staying in Nepal (Hotel name and telephone number)

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
Nationals of Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Cameroon, Somalia, Liberia, Ethiopia, Iraq,
Afghanistan and Palestine are not entitled to get visa on arrival, so they may apply for the visa at the nearest
Nepalese diplomatic mission in their countries. For further details, please visit Department of Immigration,
US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar, Indian
Rupee, and Chinese Yuan can be exchanged in the banks, star hotels, and authorized money changers. As of
December 29, 2016, US$ 1 is equivalent to NRs 106.00 and, it may subject to change.
Nepalese participants
All Nepalese participants are requested to contact the organisers at info@iaegarc11.com and
conveneriaeg2017@ngs.org.np or visit the 11th IAEG Asian Regional Conference (ARC-11) Secretariat for
details on the registration procedure. Registration for Nepali participants is available through home page of
the Conference website.
Lead organiser: Nepal Geological Society
Associated partners
Department of Mines and Geology, Government of Nepal
Nepal Academy of Science and Technology
Department of Irrigation, Government of Nepal
Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Geology, Geodisaster Research Centre
Department of Geology, Tri-Chandra Campus
Nepal Electricity Authority
International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA)
National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal (NSET Nepal)
Nepal Tunnelling Association
Nepal Landslide Society
Himalayan Landslide Society
Nepal Hydrogeological Association

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
Society of Hydrologists and Meteorologists (SoHaM)
Nepal Hydropower Association
International partners
International Consortium on Geo-disaster Reduction (ICGdR)
Center for Disaster Management Informatics Research, Ehime University
Faculty of Engineering, Kagawa University, Japan
Trumer Schutzbauten, Austria
Japan Society of Engineering Geology (JSEG)
Indian Society of Engineering Geology (ISEG)
Organising Committee
Chair: Dr. Danda Pani Adhikari, President, NGS
Co-convener: Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal
Conference Secretary: Dr. Prem Bahadur Thapa, General Secretary, NGS
Achyuta Koirala, Nepal Geological Society
Ajab Singh Mahara, Nepal Electricity Authority
Ashok Sigdel, Nepal Geological Society
Basanta Raj Adhikari, IoE, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Churna Bahadur Wali, Ministry of Irrigation
Desh Raj Sonyok, USA
Dilandra Raj Pathak, Nepal Geological Society
Dibya Ratna Kansakar, Nepal Geological Society
Dilip Sadaula, Ministry of Energy
Dinesh Napit, Department of Mines and Geology
Govinda Sharma Pokharel, Nepal Geological Society
Hari Ghimire, Nepal Geological Society

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
Kabita Karki, Nepal Geological Society
Krishna Upadhyaya, Nepal Geological Society
Kumud Raj Kafle, Kathmandu University, Nepal
Khum Narayan Paudayal, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Lalu Prasad Paudel, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Lila Nath Rimal, Nepal Geological Society
Madan Ratna Manandhar, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Monika Jha, Nepal Geological Society
Moti Bahadur Kunwar, Nepal Geological Society
Mukunda Raj Poudel, Nepal Geological Society
Naresh Kazi Tamrakar, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Nir Shakya, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Rajendra Prasad Khanal, Department of Mines and Geology
Ram Hari Sharma, Nepal Geological Society
Roshan Raj Bhattarai, Nepal Geological Society
Sagar Kumar Rai, Ministry of Irrigation
San Mukesh Amatya, Nepal
Sandeep Shah, Nepal Geological Society
Sobit Thapalia, Nepal Geological Society
Soma Nath Sapkota, Department of Mines and Geology
Subash Chandra Sunuwar, Nepal Geological Society
Subodh Dhakal, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Suresh Raj Upreti, Nepal Hydrogeological Association
Sushmita Bhandari, Nepal Geological Society
Tara Nidhi Bhattarai, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Tej Prasad Gautam, USA
Tika Ram Poudel, Nepal Electricity Authority, Nepal

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
Tuk Lal Adhikari, Nepal Geotechnical Society, Nepal
Upendra Baral, China
Advisory members
Mr. Achyuta Nanda Bhandari, Nepal Landslide Society
Dr. Amod Mani Dixit, National Society for Earthquake Technology
Prof. Dr. Bishal Nath Upreti, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology
Mr. Jagadishwor Nath Shrestha, Nepal Geological Society
Prof. Dr. Jibaraj Pokharel, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology
Prof. Dr. Tirtha Raj Khaniya, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Mr. Krishna Prasad Kaphle, Nepal Geological Society
Dr. Ramesh Man Tuladhar, Nepal Geological Society
Dr. Dinesh Pathak, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Prof. Dr. Vishnu Dangol, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Mr. Jagat Kumar Bhusal, Society of Hydrologist and Meteorologist
Er. Bhanu Pokharel, Nepal Hydropower Association
International Advisory Members
Prof. Dr. Scott Burns, President, IAEG
Prof. Dr. Faquan Wu, Secretary, IAEG
Prof. Dr. Martin Culshaw, IAEG
Prof. Dr. Ryuichi Yatabe, Ehime University, Japan
Prof. Dr. Ikuo Towhata, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Prof. Dr. Masahiro Chigira, Kyoto Univeristy
Prof. Dr. Masakatsu Miyajima, Kanazawa University, Japan
Prof. Dr. Monique Fort, Paris Diderot University, France
Prof. Dr. Shuichi Hasegawa, Kagawa University, Japan
Prof. Dr. Fawu Wang, Shimane University, Japan
Prof. Dr. Tonglu Li, Chang’an University, China

The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
Mr. Mandapalli Raju, Director General, Geological Survey of India
Dr. Yogendra Deva, Vice President-Asia, IAEG
Prof. Dr. Wei Shan, Northeast Forestry University, China
A/Prof. Dr. Teuku Faisal Fathani, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
Mr. Ramesh Narain Misra, Indian Society of Engineering Geology
Dr. Gopal Dhawan, Indian Society of Engineering Geology
Mr Imran Sayeed, Indian Society of Engineering Geology
Dr. Janusz Wasowski, IRPI, Italy
Dr. Yasuhiko Wakizaka, Japan Society of Engineering Geology
Dr. Hisatoshi Ito, Japan Society of Engineering Geology
Mr. Takao Chaishi, Japan Society of Engineering Geology
A/Prof. Dr. Netra Prakash Bhandary, Ehime University, Japan
Prof. Dr. Hemanta Hazarika, Kyushu University, Japan
Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Yagi, Yamagata University, Japan
Prof. Dr. Binod Tiwari, California State University, Fullerton, USA
Prof. Dr. Ko-Fei Liu, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Dr. Ngdishi Asih, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
Dr. Abd Rasid Jaapar, Society for Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics, Malaysia (SEGRM)
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The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
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The 11th Asian Regional Conference (ARC‐11) of IAEG
November 28‐30, 2017
"Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management"
Dr. Prem Bahadur Thapa
General Secretary, Nepal Geological Society
Tel.: +977- 9841353936
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